About Us

As an international company, ONEPARK has already operated in the parking service market for more than 30 years. The company started to provide parking services in Norway, then expanded into the markets of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Baltic countries and Poland. The companies are all a part of the Indigo Parking Group.

The group companies operate more than 500 parking areas and 40 000 parking spaces.


We implement our long-term international parking management experience in our everyday work to provide a simple, convenient and affordable parking service for all stakeholders. Our uncompromised goal has always been the customer-centred attitude and continuous improvement of our service quality.

Current activities of ONEPARK s.r.o.

Parking operation:

We organise parking in outdoor parking lots and parking houses, offering the most convenient parking solutions for our customers. We also organise parking near various type of institutions and service centers.


We consult landlords in developing their existing parking lots and planning new projects.


We continuously invest in new parking lots and their development, creating simpler and easier parking solutions for everyone.